Skin Cancer Surgery

You can have confidence in knowing that the dermatologists at RinkleFree Plastic Surgery and Dermatology are experienced in performing skin cancer surgery for patients throughout Bucks County, PA, including Newtown, Doylestown, King of Prussia and more. Whether you’re due for a checkup, skeptical about a spot or aware of a lesion anywhere on your body, our dermatologists can provide you with answers and remove any possible issues.

Based on the size, type and location of the lesion, there are a couple ways to remove skin cancer and reconstruct your appearance, if necessary.
Below, are some of the procedure steps typically involved in skin cancer removal surgery:

1. Anesthesiaskin cancer surgery king of prussia
Medications will be administered to ensure patient comfort throughout surgical procedures. The options include local, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. You can trust that the professionals at RinkleFree Plastic Surgery and Dermatology will guide you through the process of selecting the best choice for you.

2. Removal
An excision is an easy surgical process used to remove a small or contained lesion from the skin. Closure is generally performed in combination with excision.
Skin cancer can be just like the tip of an iceberg. Whatever can be seen on the surface by the naked eye is usually only a small percentage of the overall growth. Underneath the skin, the cancerous cells occupy a much larger space and there are no limits as to how far they can extend.

We offer multiple treatment options depending on the size, location and type of your skin cancer.

3. Reconstruction
When a skin cancer lesion is especially large, is taken out in frozen sections or can possibly lead to disfigurement, it may be reconstructed with a local flap.

Healthy, adjacent tissue is reconstructed over the wound. When possible, the suture line is set in such a way that imitates the natural creases and curves of the face, reducing the appearance of the resulting scar.

Instead of a local flap, your surgeon may decide that it’s best to treat your wound with a skin graft. A skin graft is a small amount of skin taken from one part of the body and relocated to the site of the wound.

4. Results
Once your skin cancer has been removed and any initial reconstruction has been completed, a dressing or bandages will be used to cover your incisions.

You can depend on our health professionals at RinkleFree Plastic Surgery and Dermatology to perform the highest quality of care when it comes to skin cancer surgery. Make sure you rely on our professionals to remove dangerous lesions and leave behind as little evidence of the procedure as possible.

Whether you live in Newtown, Doylestown, King of Prussia or anywhere else throughout Bucks County, PA, schedule your complimentary consultation by filling out a contact form on our website today.

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