Facelift surgery, or what is medically known as rhytidectomy, is a procedure Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides to help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and various other signs of aging to patients in and near Newtown, Doylestown and King of Prussia, PA. The procedure ultimately helps to improve the appearance of your face and jaw, and thus reverses the effects that time, stress and the environment have had on your skin.

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How to Know if You’re a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery

Even though this type of surgery is effective at both boosting appearance and improving confidence, it’s not for everyone. Over the years, we’ve had many patients achieve the looks they want with non-invasive procedures such as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. In the end, patients who have a better understanding of both the limitations and possibilities of facelift surgery and the other procedures we offer will be more than pleased.

The best candidates for facelifts are patients who have realistic expectations and are willing to follow both the pre- and post-operative instructions provided by their doctors at Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. In fact, after a one-on-one consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, your doctor will advise you on whether you are or aren’t a good candidate for surgery, or whether another procedure will give you the results you want.

Following are just a few of the factors that will make you the ideal candidate for facelift surgery:

  • Great overall health – If you’re in great health and have little to no pre-existing medical conditions, healing and recovery will be much easier and will typically involve few complications.
  • Good skin elasticity – A good candidate will be one who has skin that retains some if its natural flexibility and suppleness.
  • Strong bone structure – A well-defined underlying bone structure often contributes to the results you see.

What You Should Expect If You’re Cleared for Facelift Surgery

If you choose to have a facelift at one of our offices in King of Prussia, Newtown or Doylestown, PA, you should expect a skilled facial plastic surgeon to lift and tighten the underlying muscles of your face to rejuvenate your facial structure. Our surgeon will remove any excess fat or skin that contributes to your tired and aged appearance, and what you’ll be left with are more aesthetically pleasing contours and a more youthful appearance.

Most of the time, the facelift procedures we perform are done using local anesthesia. A general anesthesia may be administered to a patient who is receiving a more intensive procedure. Furthermore, how long a patient’s facelift procedure lasts will depend on how much work is being done, the type of work and whether he or she is administered local or general anesthesia.

Aside from facelifts, we also offer many other minimally invasive procedures, as well as laser treatment to help your skin look flawless. To learn more about facelifts, or what to expect when you visit Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology to receive a facelift, please give us a call, or request a consultation online by filling out the form available on our website.


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