SmartLipo™ is one of the latest advances in minimally-invasive liposuction technology. This amazing laser was the first generation of laser-assisted liposuction treatments on the market. It has been FDA approved since November of 2006.

At RinkleFree Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, you can undergo SmartLipo™ at our Newtown, Doylestown and King of Prussia locations. Dr. Robert Skalicky and Dr. Michael Shafran have over 20 years of plastic surgery experience and performs all types of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He has already helped thousands of people achieve the body they want and is ready to help you by administering this effective procedure.

Not only does SmartLipo™ liquefy fat cells, but it also tightens the skin without the mechanical trauma that is typically associated with traditional liposuction. SmartLipo™ is ideal for smaller areas where fat is concentrated and can be used on all body areas such as your:

  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back

This procedure is perfect for men and women who are not extremely overweight but look to get rid of fat deposits that have accumulated in the areas that are listed above. SmartLipo™ can rid your body of a gallon of fat in just one session. Your results will last as long as you can maintain a stable body weight.

SmartLipo™ uses a laser that liquefies the fat cells and permanently destroys them. Liquefied fat cells can be suctioned out of the body using a cannula (hollow tube) with a tiny incision that is about one to two millimeters in length. The small size of the cannula used during SmartLipo™ benefits you as there are no scars that are left behind by the procedure, making it popular with both patients and surgeons.

During your SmartLipo™ procedure with us, you are completely awake. Instead of traditional liposuction surgery that uses general anesthesia or IV sedation, this procedure is done under local anesthesia and usually lasts less than an hour.

Another perk of choosing SmartLipo™ is that there is no bruising and not much downtime. With traditional liposuction, you would expect mild to moderate downtime. SmartLipo™ has minimal downtime as you can get back to your regular everyday activities and even return to work in as short of a time as a day or two.

You can expect immediate results after just one treatment as you can see a visible change within a week. Continued improvement will take place over three to six months.

People with certain medical conditions and a history of illness should meet with their doctor before undergoing SmartLipo™. Here are some conditions and illnesses that could prohibit you from having this procedure done:

  • Pregnancy (during and three months after)
  • Recent abdominal surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Problems with anesthesia
  • Allergy to either lidocaine or epinephrine
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Hernias

Stop waiting and take back control of your body. If you are interested in SmartLipo™, we encourage you to reach out to one of our three locations in King of Prussia, Doylestown and Newtown.

RinkleFree Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offers complimentary consultations. You can schedule an initial consultation about this transformative procedure by calling us or filling out a contact form online. We look forward to helping you get the body back to where you want it to be.

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